Why the World Needs Realtime

Connecting People Through Experiences

Vernon Coleman
2 min readAug 13, 2018

Plans are boring

If you really think about it what we decide to do and who we do it with happens in moment. Just think about the last party you went to, movie you saw, place you went to eat, or just what you did last weekend; all of it was, likely, decided in the moment.

The Instant World

We believe we are a collective of our experiences and the people we share them with. As we look around we realize that with all the technology our society has access to; we have yet to create something that would enable us to truly expand ourselves. The event space right now is essentially ads and ticket sales: Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, etc… None of them realize the importance of instantly connecting us to experiences. We live in an “ instant world.” Uber is how we find a ride, Door Dash is how we get food, Tinder is how you we find love, Netflix is how we watch TV, and Amazon is where we go to get everything else… Yet to find events we go to Facebook, it’s boring and lacks creativity, detailed personalization, and most importantly what the instant world craves most, spontaneity.

Thinking Forward with Realtime

Most social media platforms create a self prophetic echo chamber. Our thoughts and views are not changed, rather constantly re-enforced. We believe this re-enforcement is what gives birth to narrow minded steadfast views that help breed things like the current US president, emphasis on the lower case p.

We want to give people hope for a better tomorrow. One where we can wake up and instead of checking feeds, tapping people’s stories, or swiping to find love; we wake up and feel free. Un-burdened by the increased anxiety and feelings of depression social media has created within us. We know that Realtime will not solve all the worlds problems, but we believe that Realtime will allow people to instantly organize, come together, and expose themselves to different ways of thinking, creating new thoughts and ideas on how we can all “think forward” as a true collective.